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What are the Disadvantages of Laser Dentistry?

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Disadvantages of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a type of treatment used for dental treatments and surgical interventions. Lasers use intense light energy to cut, shape or treat dental tissues.

This method has advantages and disadvantages. It may be useful to examine the disadvantages of this method, which has many advantages, in order to gain more useful information.

Lazer Diş Hekimliğinin Dezavantajları Nelerdir

Laser dentistry treatment is more costly than other dental treatment methods and may not be suitable for all types of dental treatment or surgery. Dentists need special training to be able to perform laser dental treatment. In addition, the heat emitted during laser dental treatment may cause some patients to feel sensitivity.

Can I Experience Pain or Sensitivity During Laser Treatments?

Laser dentistry is more costly than other dental treatment methods. A number of factors are effective in determining these costs. The costs of laser application used in many dental treatment methods such as teeth whitening, scaling, gum surgery are also different from each other.

You may also encounter different price applications according to the clinic and doctor you choose. Since laser dentistry treatment can consist of complex processes, this complex structure is one of the factors affecting the cost.

The cost also increases in procedures that require more labor and time according to the treatment process. The laser technology used, the number of sessions may also vary depending on the economic conditions and the level of competition of the center where you have the application.

Does Laser Dental Treatment Prolong the Process?

Laser dentistry treatment is faster than traditional dental treatment methods and this means that the process is shortened. The laser treats dental tissues by performing precise procedures on them. Depending on the condition of the patient and the tooth, the treatment process may be shorter or longer.

It should not be forgotten that each situation is different, the treatment process, the type of treatment, the special condition of the patient and the experience of the dentist affect the treatment process. While a single session of some treatments allows the treatment to be completed in a short time, methods with more than one session treatment process may take longer.

What are All Dental Treatments That Can Use Lasers?

Laser application is a method that benefits the treatment process and the permanence of the application by using it in different dental treatment methods. Dental treatment methods carried out with laser dentistry can be listed as follows:

  • Tooth whitening: Used to reduce stains and discoloration on the tooth surface.
  • Tooth filling Laser can be used during the filling application applied after tooth decay cleaning.
  • Scaling: Laser application can be used for scaling and treatment of gum diseases.

Complications That May Arise in Laser Surgical Procedures

Although minimal complications usually occur during laser application used during dental treatment, some risks may arise if surgical intervention is involved. Although the laser used during the surgical procedure reduces the risk of infection, it does not completely eliminate it. For this reason, complications such as pain or tenderness may occur.

These mild problems can be controlled with prescribed painkillers. You can get information from your doctor about complications that may occur in any of the laser dentistry treatment methods. You can ask your questions and what you are curious about the process. You can minimize the side effects that may occur by following your regular care and controls after laser treatment.




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