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Invisalign Treatment, Cost, Prodecure In Turkey

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Orthodontic Treatment
With Invisalign In Turkey

Invisalign Transparent Plaques Treatment In Turkey

If you do not want to use braces or do not like the appearance of the braces, Invisalign treatment is the most suitable option for you. Invisalign treatment, which uses the most modern technology in orthodontic treatment, is produced using 3D printers in a digital environment. Invisalign treatment, which is applied instead of non-aesthetic braces, is used by patients who have aesthetic concerns in their business and social life. 

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Will I Be Able To See The Outcome Of The Treatment Before The Orthodontic Invisalign Treatment In Turkey?

Invisalign gives you the opportunity to see the result of your treatment in a 3D virtual environment before orthodontic treatment with transparent plaques. 

How Does The Invisalign
(Treatment Without Braces) Correct The Teeth?

Thanks to the invisalign, the misalignment in your teeth is corrected before it is clear that you are receiving treatment, wearing Invisalign. Thanks to the special invisalign in the digital environment, the teeth are moved to the desired position. Plaques are used according to the sequence number and then switched. 

Can Everybody Undergo
Orthodontics Invisalign Treatment In Turkey?

Whether you are suitable for invisalign is determined after the examination by the specialist orthodontist at Ekiz Clinic.

Teeth that are moderately and mildly misaligned can be treated with transparent plaques.

What Are The Advantages Of Invisalign In Turkey?

  • Besides being aesthetic, they have many advantages.
  • Braces restrict your freedom to eat. You can not eat kernel, shell foods, or acidic drinks. You can remove transparent plaques while eating and drinking.
  • You can remove plaques on important days such as weddings, meetings, and business interviews.
  • Brushing teeth is easier than other orthodontic treatments.
  • Since there is no metal in your mouth, there are also no wires that can cut your mouth. Unlike braces, which are painful because of the metal and wires they incorporate, Invisalign requires less maintenance.

How Often Do I Need To Come To The Controls During Invisalign Treatment In Turkey?

During the Invisalign treatment, you come to the Ekiz Clinic, Istanbul once a month. The specialist orthodontist gives you 2 new plaques that you will exchange every 15 days.

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How Long Do I Have To Wear These Plaques?

You need to wear plaques for 20-22 hours every day. When eating and drinking, you should put your transparent plaques (Invisalign) in their protective container. You should also remove your plaques while maintaining your oral hygiene. If you have an important meeting or photo shoot, you can take them out for 3-4 hours.

However, except in these cases, you should use your transparent plaques continuously. 


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