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Wireless Orthodontics (Transparent Plates) in Turkey

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Wireless Orthodontic Treatment
With Transparent Plates

Transparent plates are the most invisible treatment option. Invisalign is another type of clear braces. Unlike braces, they are transparent aligners. Our expert orthodontist will not bond them to your teeth. They can be worn and removed, similar to mouth guards.
transparent wireless

First of all, a 3D measurement of your mouth is taken. In the digital environment, this data is analyzed and transparent plaques are produced accordingly. Since plaques can be removed in this treatment, you should be responsible for your treatment. Transparent plaques should be worn for 22 hours every day and removed only when eating. There is also a risk of the aligners being lost or damaged

Invisalign treatment is the most costly treatment compared to other treatments.

Porcelain Transparent Braces

Ceramic braces consist of ceramic or porcelain material. Because it is transparent or tooth- colored, it is an aesthetic treatment option. Ceramic braces are a good treatment option for patients who do not want to use metal brackets. Because it looks much more cosmetic and natural than metal brackets. For this reason, we often apply it to patients with aesthetic concerns at Ekiz Clinic, Istanbul. Unfortunately, it is not as robust and durable as metal brackets and is more costly than metal brackets. Ceramic braces provide more self-confidence to the person in business and social life without the “metal mouth” look. There is no difference in terms of the treatment duration and treatment method. 

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are similar to metal braces. However, there is a very important difference. Metal brackets bond in front of the teeth, while lingual brackets bond to the back of the tooth. The advantage of lingual braces is hardly invisible. But cleaning the back of the teeth is difficult. because it is close to the tongue, it is more uncomfortable and expensive, and checkups take longer.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most commonly used treatment method. They are noticeable because they are metal, but thanks to the durability of the metal, they are unlikely to break. It is an inexpensive orthodontic treatment method that is completed in a short time. 




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Implant Treatment

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Porcelain Laminates

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