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Teeth Grinding, Clenching (Bruxism) Treatment In Turkey

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Teeth Grinding - Bruxism Treatment
in Istanbul Turkey

While the exact causes of the disorder are unclear, TMJ disorder can be caused by injury to the jaw joints or surrounding tissues.

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Other TMD causes include:

  • Bruxism (teeth grinding/clenching).
  • Dislocation of the disc between the ball and socket
  • Arthritis in the
  • Stress
  • Acute
  • An improper

What Are The Symptoms Of Tmj Dysfunction?

People with TMJ dysfunction have discomfort or pain in the jaw, especially when eating. There might be pain in front of your ear, head, neck, and shoulders. There might be difficulty and pain in the jaw opening-closing movement and the ‘click’ sound coming from the jaw.

What Causes Tmj Dysfunction?

There are different reasons for TMJ dysfunction. Your new fillings or dentures that cause unilateral chewing can cause TMJ dysfunction. Teeth clenching or teeth grinding is also one of the causes. Diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia; head, neck, and chin injuries cause TMJ dysfunction. 

What Is Teeth Grinding Or Teeth Clenching?

Teeth grinding or bruxism means moving the jaw with the teeth held together. Teeth grinding or teeth clenching can cause significant muscle aches, pains, and damage to the jaw joint.

Teeth clenching or teeth grinding (bruxism) is a common activity that can occur both during the day and at night. Teeth clenching or

grinding is especially common during periods of concentration, anger, or stress, and often happens without a person being aware of it.

Teeth grinding or teeth clenching can cause severe complications like gingival withdrawal, broken teeth, loss of teeth, jaw joint disease, headache, and earache. 

teeth grinding Bruxism

How Common Is Bruxism?

Bruxism is a common sleep disorder. It affects about 10% of adults and up to 15% of children.

The prevalence of bruxism tends to decrease with age, with the highest prevalence during childhood and the lowest in people over 65.

But bruxism in children may not lead to long-term damage.

What Causes Teeth Grinding Or Teeth Clenching?

Lifestyle habits, such as drinking alcohol, using cigarettes and drugs, and consuming a lot of caffeine (more than six cups of coffee a day) can cause bruxism.

On the other hand, sleep disorders, stress, and anxiety affect bruxism. As a result of teeth grinding or teeth clenching (bruxism);

Abrasion and breaking of the teeth,

Gingival recession and sensitivity to hot-cold food, A click sound from the jaw joint,

Difficulty in opening and closing the mouth, Locking of the jaw, pain in the jaw joint, Earache and headache.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Teeth Grinding Or Teeth Clenching Be Treated In Turkey?

Occlusal adjustment, or the reshaping of the surfaces of the teeth to correct the alignment of the bite, can solve the problem of teeth grinding and relieve the pain caused by TMD. To make this occlusal adjustment, the jaw joint prosthesis specialist at Ekiz Clinic measures your teeth and prepares a special plaque for you (splint).

Masseter Botox treatment can also help prevent teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism).

What Is A Splint? What Is A Splint Used For? For How Long Must I Use The Splint That Was Given To Me For The Treatment Of Teeth Grinding – Teeth Clenching?

An occlusal splint is a specially designed mouth guard for people who grind their teeth and have

dysfunctional temporomandibular joints (TMJ). The splint regulates jaw joint closure. In this way, the dysfunction is treated. The treatment duration for bruxism is 3 -6 months. 

How Often Should I Visit The Dentist At Ekiz Clinic For My Teeth Grinding – Clenching Treatment And The Splint That Was Given To Me?
You should visit the jaw joint prosthesis specialist at Ekiz Clinic once a month. Your treatment duration can change depending on the severity of the disease.




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