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Zirconium Crowns: Cost, Details in Turkey

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Zirconium Crowns
Treatment in Turkey

Zirconium crowns in Turkey, are crowns that are made by processing zirconium, a white- colored alloy, without the use of metal in its substructure. Zirconium crowns are the most aesthetic crowns and are the closest to natural teeth. Therefore, they are most commonly preferred in esthetic dentistry in Turkey.


Since zirconium crowns are much more aesthetic than metal-supported porcelain crowns, they are texture-friendly materials used instead of classical porcelain bridges. 

These dental crowns are known as zirconium crowns, or zirconium teeth. One of the most preferred treatments for patients traveling to Turkey to provide instant conversion is zirconium crowns. Zirconium crowns produced from high-quality porcelain change the length, shape, and color of the tooth. The Zirconia crown covers all around the teeth.

You can choose this treatment to change the cosmetic appearance of your teeth and to have a more aesthetic smile. You determine the size and color of your new zirconia crowns.

Moreover, only 5 days are enough for this.

When Are Zirconium Crowns
Applied In Turkey?

Zirconium crowns Turkey is used in smile design to achieve a more natural appearance in teeth with severe discoloration that cannot be discolored by teeth whitening. The color of the zirconium crown will not change even after long years.

It does not cause allergy as it is a biocompatible material. If porcelain crowns with metal substructure are used in such persons, many dental or gingival including gingival inflammation, gingival recession, bleeding, swelling, or redness can be faced. In patients who do not prefer orthodontic treatment for conditions such as diastema treatment. Patients undergoing treatment for Hollywood smile. Zirconium teeth cannot be differentiated from natural teeth thanks to their esthetic structure.

Zirconium crowns are applied to single crowns restorations, long bridges, implant-supported porcelain crowns, and excessively damaged teeth. 

Recommended Dental Treatment
in Turkey Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium Crowns in Turkey are a cosmetic and restorative treatment method used to correct tooth defects.

Allows you to change the shape, color, and size of teeth that are deformed, damaged, or have

gaps between teeth. Zirconium Crowns in Turkey are one of the treatments to give teeth aesthetics and achieve the perfect Hollywood smile.

Zirconium Porcelain Crown protects your teeth under the veneer.

Zirconium crown Turkey is produced from pressed ceramic porcelain.

It is long-lasting and most durable. They can easily withstand breakages and cracks.

Zirconia Crowns & Zirconia Teeth In Turkey

In our dental clinic in Istanbul, an aesthetic smile is created by using high-quality materials. Ekiz clinic offers the most advanced CAD-CAM technology. so you can get the best dental crowns service in Turkey.

We do cosmetic restoration with high-quality zirconium teeth crowns at an affordable price in Turkey.

We guarantee that we will change your look with a natural, aesthetic, pearly white smile with Zirconium crowns Turkey. If you are considering Zirconia Teeth in Turkey please get in touch with Ekiz Clinic for more information.

What Are The Aesthetic Advantages Of Zirconium Crowns In Turkey?

Zirconium is transparent, and this property is used particularly on anterior teeth to achieve the ideal esthetic appearance of a smile. Metal porcelain crowns make an artificial appearance on teeth because of their low light transmittance.

Zirconium crowns have a high light transmittance, thus obtaining a very natural realistic image. Aesthetically, they meet high expectations.

It can safely be used on posterior teeth also thanks to its high resistance against chewing forces. In addition to their impeccable strength, Zirconium Crowns are elegant and aesthetic enough to transmit light.


Since it has the ability to mask the underlying tooth color, excellent aesthetic results can be obtained even with very dark teeth. Zirconium Crowns Turkey adapt exactly to the cut tooth surface. 

This way, since there is no gap between the zirconium porcelain and teeth that allows bacteria to leak, it does not cause decay. Zirconium Crowns are healthy materials that do not cause taste disorders, gum problems and bad breath.

At Ekiz Clinic in İstanbul, Zirconium Crowns Turkey can be used safely on both anterior and posterior teeth. 

zirkonyum fiyatları - zirconium price

How Long Do Zirconia Crowns Last?

You can use them for long years if you have your regular checks by your dentist at Ekiz Clinic in Turkey and do not ignore your oral and dental care. Because Zirconia Crowns Turkey are very resistant to breakages and color changes.

With regular visits to Ekiz Clinic in Istanbul Turkey, you can use zirconium crowns for many years. They need to be brushed and flossed just like natural teeth.

How Is The Harmony Between
Zirconium Tooth Treatment And Gums?

Gingival harmony is much better than traditional metal-based porcelains. Gingival discolorations, which are common in metal-based porcelains, are definitely not visible in zirconium crowns in Turkey.

The compatibility of zirconium crowns with the gum is very good.

The black color reflection of the gum area seen in metal dental crowns is never seen.

It does not cause bleeding gums or gum recession. It is not allergic as it is a 99% tissue-friendly material. Natural teeth are imitated and the aesthetic appearance is very high.

They are lighter in weight as compared to crowns with metal supports. Treatment can be easily applied to patients with metal allergy in Turkey. Zirconium crowns do not create a metallic taste in the mouth. 

Do Zirconium Teeth Become
Yellowish Or Discolored Over Time?

Zirconium crowns do not become yellowish over time, as they are full porcelain. Zirconium veneers do not change color with factors such as tea, coffee, and smoking.

How Is The Zirconium Crowns Treatment
Process In Turkey?

In Turkey 2 or 3 sessions are needed for treatment. Reduction of teeth will be carried out under local anesthesia, and therefore the patient will feel nothing.

After this, molds will be sent to the laboratory. Temporary teeth will be produced for the convenience of the patient. The color, shape, and size of the crowns are decided by the patient and the dentist in Turkey. The crowns will be adapted to the teeth permanently using special glue in the final stage. 

Which One Is Better Emax Veneers In Turkey Or Zirconia Crowns In Turkey?

E-max Veneers and Zirconia Crowns are the two most popular treatment options in Turkey.

Both are the most durable dental veneers with no metal substructure. Suitable for patients with metal allergies or who would prefer metal-free restorations. The choice between E-max Veneers Turkey and Zirconia Crowns Turkey will depend on your preferences and the tooth’s location in your mouth.

E-max Veneers are preferred in cases where there are aesthetic and high resistance demands in anterior restorations. On the other hand, Zirconia Crowns are preferred in molars with posterior teeth where chewing forces and lateral forces increase.

While E-max Veneer just covers the front side of the tooth, a Zirconia crown fully cups over all sides of it.

In terms of strength, both Emax and Zirconium are durable. 

Zirconium Crown is the better option for restoring a darker tooth located underneath because it does not allow a lot of light to shine through.

E-max Veneer has a better light transmission and Emax Veneers allow more light to shine through, giving your teeth a more natural look.

E-max possesses excellent strength and are fracture-resistant and prepared in thin sections.

This requires minimal removal of natural tooth structure during preparation. It also provides multiple options for Teeth Restoration E-max system can be used to all-ceramic crowns, fabricate veneers, inlays, and overlays.

If you want to get more information about Emax Veneers and Zirconia Crowns and find out which one is more suitable for you, contact Ekiz Clinic in Istanbul Turkey. 

Zirconium Crowns Price in Turkey

Please contact us for more information on the prices of our services. Pricing may vary depending on the complexity and requirements of each service. In order to provide you with the most suitable treatment options and a pricing tailored to your needs, you can reach us by scheduling an appointment or contacting us via phone/email/whatsapp. Our experienced and expert team is here to offer you the best treatment and pricing options available.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is A Full Set Of Zirconia Crowns In Turkey?

Patients who want to have a full set of zirconium crowns in Turkey ask the following question: ‘How much is a full set of zirconia crowns in Turkey?’.

Full set zirconium crowns prices in Turkey depend on your smile line. We, as Ekiz Clinic, generally recommend 8 -10 zirconium crowns for a single chin. Crowns Turkey package besides your dental treatment; also includes services such as accommodation, and transportation.

The price of zirconia crowns in Turkey is the most advantageous in Europe.


The main reason for the decrease in costs for aesthetic dentistry clinics that provide a quality, safe, and respected service is that the total operation costs, including laboratory and dental fees, are lower in Turkey than in other countries. Ekiz Dental Clinic in Turkey offers low-rate, affordable options for high-quality crown brands. You can get the same world-class brands you can find in countries like the UK, Germany, and the US cheaper 70% in Turkey. Your dental holiday lasts for 5 days and two dental appointments in our dental clinic in Istanbul, and you return home from Turkey with a perfect smile.

Do You Have Crowns Package In Turkey?

We have a Zirconium crowns package for our patients. We offer our patients dental treatments İn Turkey Istanbul Free Airport- Hotel transfers, Free Hotel accommodation. By staying in luxury hotels in Turkey and having fun in Istanbul, you can have both your dental treatment and your holiday. You will absolutely enjoy it in Turkey. 

How Much Do Crowns Cost In Turkey?

At Ekiz Dental Clinic in Istanbul Turkey has been providing dental services for international patients requiring dental treatments in Turkey. You can get the same high-quality crowns as many countries in Europe at much more affordable prices in Turkey. Own the Hollywood white smile at acceptable prices in Turkey.

Contact Ekiz Clinic to learn more about crown prices in Turkey

Combine your treatment with a wonderful holiday at Ekiz Dental Clinic in Istanbul. We can offer the highest quality at the best prices.

What Is The Difference Between Zirconium Crowns And Normal Porcelain Veneers In Turkey?

The main difference between zirconium veneers and normal porcelain veneers is their infrastructure. One is metal-based, and the other is ceramic-based. Since metal-based veneers cannot fully meet aesthetic expectations and have some disadvantages, zirconium-based porcelain veneers have been developed.


Zirconium was preferred instead of metal in Turkey because it is more robust and aesthetic.

Will I Feel Pain During The Zirconium Tooth Treatment In Turkey?

Zirconium dental treatment is carried out after the teeth are anesthetized with local anesthesia. Your teeth are trimmed, and temporary teeth are fitted. After 1 week, your smile design is completed in Turkey.

Are Zirconium Crowns More Robust Than Metal-Based Porcelain Veneers?

CAD-CAM zirconium crowns have become at least as robust as metal-based porcelain veneers. Good dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups at Ekiz Clinic will allow you to use zirconium porcelain for many years.

Is There An Age Limit For Zirconium Crowns In Turkey?

No there is no age limit. It can be done in every age. You can come to Ekiz Clinic in Turkey and have a detailed examination.

What Are The Prices For Zirconium Veneers In Turkey?

If you’re looking to hide any flaws in your teeth, such as large gaps, irregularly shaped teeth, or if your teeth have a lot of staining, then dental veneers can be the ideal solution to enhancing your smile in Turkey. For detailed price information for zirconium veneers, you can call Ekiz Clinic in Turkey or make an appointment to receive a price from our specialist dentists. +90 536 066 47 47

What Is Important Before And After The Zirconium In Turkey?

As with any treatment, you should take care of your oral hygiene in zirconium veneer treatment. You need to brush your teeth twice a day and floss every day.

Which veneer option is more suitable for your porcelain veneer treatment is determined after a detailed examination by our prosthesis specialist at Ekiz Clinic in Turkey. Most veneer treatments can be completed in 2 visits to Ekiz Dental Clinic.

Single-Tooth Zirconium Crowns In Turkey

Zirconium crowns,  or metal-based porcelain veneers are single-tooth veneers so that the treatment is completed in a short time.




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