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Sinus Lifting: Cost, Procedure & Treatment in Turkey

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Sinus Lifting In Turkey

The sinuses are four paired cavities (spaces) in the head. They are connected by narrow channels. The sinuses make thin mucus that drains out of the channels of the nose. The sinuses procure mucus that drains out of the channels of the nose. This mucus keeps the nose clean and free of bacteria. 

sinüs kaldırma ameliyatı

The chance of a successful implant treatment decreases in people with high sinus volume or in cases where the bone volume decreased and is dissolved over time due to the extraction of the teeth in the posterior region. The most important factor determining the success of implant treatment is qualitative and sufficient bone thickness. Bone graft bone powder is used when lift the sinus base, called sinus lifting, to create sufficient bone thickness and volume for implant treatment. 

How Is Sinus Lifting Carried Out in Turkey?

The sinus lift is performed to increase the height of bone available for your implant. First, the patient is sedated using local and/or general

anesthesia. As the bony piece is lifted into the sinus cavity space the hole is filled with the bone graft. A full recovery from a sinus lift takes a minimum of 4-5 months for the sinuses to heal and the bone to be strong enough to support dental implants; after which the implant is placed. In patients with the relatively more sufficient bone amount and thickness, the implants can be placed in the same session right after the bone dust graft application. 

Is Sinus Lifting Treatment Difficult In Turkey?

Sinus lift surgery, performed in a reliable dental clinic environment like Ekiz Clinic and accompanied by a specialist doctor, is a safe and easy surgery. This treatment is frequently carried out by our surgeons and has a very high success rate. after sinus lift; If necessary, bone powder grafting can be done. And also depending on the bone thickness and quality it may be possible to do the implant treatment in the same session. How to perform the sinus lift procedure is decided according to the jaw bone structures of the patients.

How Long After The Sinus Lifting Procedure
Is The Implant Placed In Turkey?

After a sinus lift, you need to wait several months for the bony material to harden and integrate with your jaw. Depending on the

grafting material used, enough thickness, and volume of bone, implants may be placed in 4-5 months. But if the bone volume is sufficient enough, implants can be added successfully in the same session. 

sinus lift operation price

What Should Be Observed After
A Sinus Lifting Procedure?

Since we move the sinus cavity membrane, a few drops may come from your nasal cavity for 1-2 days. However, this is very normal. What we want from you for the first few days after the sinus lift procedure in Turkey; food should not be consumed for 2 hours after the sinus lift procedure until the numbness wears off.

On the day of sinus lift surgery, plenty of fluids should be consumed. Drink plenty of fluids. Soft liquids should be consumed on the day of surgery. 

Avoid hot, grain liquids and foods from the surgical site. You should begin taking pain medication, and the prescribed antibiotics as directed to help prevent infection. It is not recommended to take a hot bath on the first day. The exact opposite making ice application is important to avoid swelling and bruising. Good oral hygiene is essential to good healing.

After 24 hours you may continue to brush your teeth or gargle with mouthwash. Do not blow your nose for at least 7 days, as the pressure will damage your sinus healing. If you have to sneeze, sneeze out. But open your mouth and try to minimize the pressure in your nasal/sinus passages. Do not smoke because smoking reduces the blood flow, conta minates the healing wound, and frequently leads to infections. 

Does A Sinus Lifting Procedure
Affect My Everyday Life?

Like in all surgical operations; the sinus lifting procedure is painless. there will be some swelling after the sinus lift surgery lasts for 3-4 days. This is a situation seen in every surgical procedure. However, it will pass in a short time as long as you follow these instructions in the healing process; take the antibiotics and pain killers, do not smoke, and apply cold ice packs. 

Sinus Lifting Price In Turkey

Please contact us for more information on the prices of our services. Pricing may vary depending on the complexity and requirements of each service. In order to provide you with the mostd suitable treatment options and a pricing tailored to your needs, you can reach us by scheduling an appointment or contacting us via phone/email/whatsapp. Our experienced and expert team is here to offer you the best treatment and pricing options available. 




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