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Bone Grafting for Dental Implants in Turkey

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Implant Treatment In Bone Deficiencies
In Turkey

Before implant application, the level of the jawbone should be examined in detail with the clinical and radiological examination. If, as a result of these examinations, a problem is detected in the gums and oral-dental health, these problems should be resolved before the implant treatment. 

bone greft - kemik tozu

Radiological examination is performed to evaluate bone height, quality, and thickness. Tomography may also be requested from the patients for a detailed evaluation of bone height and density. 

Is A Panoramic X-ray Sufficient?

Panoramic x-rays provide only two-dimensional information. On the other hand, dental tomography provides detailed images of soft tissues and bones that are not visible on x-rays. Three-dimensional dental tomography is used in dental implant planning. Therefore, for patients with low or borderline bone density, dental tomography is more reliable than x-rays. 

Can I Receive An Implant Treatment
In Turkey Even If I Have Osteoporosis?

People with osteoporosis in the body may not have osteoporosis in their mouths. Since osteoporosis in the body and osteoporosis in the mouth are different from each other, a detailed examination is required before implant treatment.

How Is Bone Created If The Bone Amount
In The Upper Jaw Is Too Low In Turkey?

There could be two reasons for this situation: extreme osteoporosis in the upper jaw or the gaps in the upper jaw, called sinus, maybe hanging down. In this case, bone grafting or sinus lifting should be applied for implant success. After the bone powder graft application, you may need to wait 3-5 months for the amount of bone volume to increase. 

kemik tozu fiyatı

How Is Bone Created If The Bond Amount
In The Lower Jaw Is Too Low In Turkey?

There might be extreme osteoporosis in the lower jaw.

The most common type of osteoporosis is the convergence of the nerves

passing through the lower jaw. If the amount of bone is insufficient, bone powder graft treatment is carried out.

Then, 3 months have waited for bone creation. 

What Are Bone Dust Application, Bone Graft, And Bone Replication?

In implant treatments, we need a certain level of bone density and thickness. If the person has a loss of bone amount, we replace it with these applications. The bone powder can be obtained from the patient or a specially manufactured bone dust graft can be used in treatment.

After the bone powder graft is applied to the patient, 3-5 months have waited and then the implant is placed properly. 




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