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Dental Fillings, Procedure, Price, Materials in Turkey

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Dental Fillings
in Turkey

Composite fillings, which are expressed as aesthetic white fillings, which have started to be used with the increasing popularity of the concepts of aesthetics and beauty today, are among the restorative materials that we frequently use in our routine.

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Are Aesthetic Fillings Durable?

Although it was believed that metal fillings were more durable and functional in previous years, the material used with the developing bonding technologies has been strengthened and a long-lasting natural and aesthetic structure has been provided.

Do aesthetic Fillings
Need to Change Over Time?

The answer to this question is no. As long as routine oral and hygiene care is performed, there is no need to replace the filling if there is no caries in the tooth.

Can I Replace My Gray (Amalgam) Fillings
With Aesthetic Fillings?

It is possible to replace your old amalgam fillings containing mercury with aesthetic fillings in an average of 1 hour.As Ekiz Clinic doctors, we evaluate many different parameters while designing a smile, and as a result, we move on to the treatment planning stage.

Dental Fillings Price in Turkey

Please contact us for more information on the prices of our services. Pricing may vary depending on the complexity and requirements of each service. In order to provide you with the mostd suitable treatment options and a pricing tailored to your needs, you can reach us by scheduling an appointment or contacting us via phone/email/whatsapp. Our experienced and expert team is here to offer you the best treatment and pricing options available.

Tooth Decay Treatment in İstanbul, Turkey

Contrary to popular belief, poor oral hygiene is not always the cause of tooth decay. Inadequate oral hygiene can spread infections to other parts of the body and even increase the risk of heart disease.

Tooth decay, which causes many problems ranging from weakened immune system to diabetes, can be prevented with good and regular oral care.  Regular dental check-ups are of great importance at this stage.

Health Problems Caused By Tooth Decays

Tooth decay damages all parts of the body, especially the mouth and teeth. While dental caries in the mouth can lead to permanent tooth loss, gum problems, chewing and speech problems; it can also pose dangers to the body such as:

Gum Problems

Gum problems, one of the most obvious consequences of tooth decay, often manifest themselves with bad breath and uncontrollable bacterial growth in the mouth. Such problems, which are not treated in time, can have a negative impact on a person’s social life due to bad breath. Sometimes it may cause more serious problems such as gingival recession, leading to loss of the bones supporting the tooth.


Periodontal disease generally increases inflammation in the body and worsens existing health problems. This is because tooth decay, when left untreated, not only causes infections that lead to excruciating toothache, but can also lead to damage to the pulp, which contains connective tissues, nerves and blood vessels. Bacteria that spread from the mouth into the body weaken the immune system and can lead to the development or worsening of infection-related diseases such as arthritis.

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Heart Diseases

Tooth and gum disease is mainly caused by an increase in bacteria in the mouth.

According to studies, these bacteria can cause plaque build-up in the heart, just like gum disease.

Bacteria that enter the bloodstream and travel from the mouth to the heart can narrow arteries, disrupt blood flow and block blood vessels, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

How to Extract a Wisdom Tooth?

Diabetics are more susceptible to infections in the body than healthy individuals. They are therefore more vulnerable to periodontal disease. Any form of tooth decay can make it difficult for diabetics to control the level of insulin in the blood and can lead to various complications.

Respiratory Diseases

Another body part that is adversely affected by dental caries is the lungs. Bacteria and plaque in the mouth pass into the lungs through the bloodstream, which poses a risk to the respiratory system. In the presence of such a problem, the lungs become open to infections and the risk of bronchitis, pneumonia and COPD increases. Many symptoms that negatively affect daily life, such as difficulty in breathing, can also develop at this time.

Kidney Diseases

People with tooth and gum problems are generally immunocompromised and therefore have a higher risk of infection.

The risk of kidney disease, which can also be caused by an infection, increases with poor oral care. Therefore, chronic kidney disease, kidney failure and other cardiovascular diseases can be caused by dental caries.


Oral caries is more common in people who smoke and use tobacco products. Such bad habits are also the harbingers of various gum diseases. Such problems, which indicate poor oral health, can be serious enough to cause throat and larynx infections and, in the later stages, cancer. Gum cancer can affect the mouth and larynx directly, but it can also spread to organs such as the kidneys, pancreas and lungs.

Pregnancy Complications

Dental caries can also make pregnancy a risk factor for expectant mothers and make them more susceptible to oral infections. The increase in oral bacteria, which leads to various hormonal imbalances, increases the risk of complications in pregnant women. In this case, infection can occur anywhere in the body for the woman whose body is vulnerable. This condition, which also threatens the health of the baby, can sometimes be associated with premature birth and miscarriage.


One of the possible causes of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is tooth and gum disease. According to studies, when bacteria in the mouth spread through the nerve canals, they can reach the brain and cause the death of memory cells. Memory can then be permanently or temporarily damaged. 

Self-Confidence Problems

Self-confidence problems, one of the obvious consequences of dental caries, are very dangerous for an individual’s social life. People who cannot smile comfortably in public due to poor and unhealthy oral appearance may be isolated from social life as these problems progress.

Therefore, proper oral hygiene means preventing both physical and psychological health problems.

Oral care should never be neglected for the existence of self-confident individuals who are confident in their smile. To summarize, seemingly innocent diseases of the teeth and gums pose a great risk to other parts of the body and mental health.

The best thing to do to eliminate such possibilities is to pay enough attention to oral care and not to neglect medical check-ups. Because with timely and adequate oral hygiene, you can have happy smiles and protect your overall body health in the best way possible.

You can apply to a dental health center with a team of specialist physicians at any time to eliminate existing oral problems and eliminate potential risks. 




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