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Composite Bonding Application in Turkey

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Bonding Application (Aesthetic Filler)
In Istanbul, Turkey

In cases where the shape of the teeth is not compatible with the general facial appearance, the aesthetic filler can be applied.

In this way, it is possible to increase the length of the teeth, correct their position, make them symmetrical, correct their proportions to the face, and whiten them. 

Composite bonding

Bonding material in the same color as the tooth is used. Only the desired area is shaped without damaging the tooth surface. In only one session in Turkey, with the bonding application, which is also called composite laminate, crooked teeth, tooth fractures, and diastemas are corrected. Thus, perfect smile aesthetics is provided.

Will The Bonding Application Have The Same Color As My Own Teeth
Will It Be Visible From The Outside?

The “bond” is a composite resin that takes over where your tooth broke to make it look as good as your natural teeth.

The composite color will be similar to the color of the tooth, so it continues to look natural and indistinguishable from your own tooth.

It provides aesthetic and functional success by correcting crooked teeth and fractures or interdental fractures in a single session. 

How Long Does The Bonding Treatment
Aesthetic Filling Last?

The usage period depends on oral hygiene, the average life is of 5 – 10 years. composite material has a water-absorbing structure. For this reason, color change can be observed over time. At Ekiz Clinic, Istanbul old fillings can be varnished or replaced with a new one. 

Can Every Patient Receive
A Bonding Application (Composite Laminate)?

Although bonding application has high aesthetic properties, composite laminate is not suitable for every patient. Bonding is applied to mask and lengthen the worn teeth. In this case, the same teeth grinding or bite issues, called bruxism, that wore the teeth down may eventually wear down the new bonding material or cause it to break or chip. If there is a reverse closure or a tet-a-tet closure of the teeth, the patient is not suitable for a bonding application. 

How Long Does The Bonding Application
(Aesthetic Filling) Take In Turkey?

Bonding is a fast procedure and doesn’t require anesthesia, you can return to your normal daily routine after the bonding application. The filling hardens immediately with the ray. Then it is smoothed by polishing. Typically, tooth bonding takes one session at Ekiz Clinic. It is a painless treatment method. 

What Are The Advantages Of The Bonding Application
In Turkey (Aesthetic Teeth Filling)?

It imitates the natural tooth in color and shape, but also the filling and tooth boundary cannot be seen.
It has sufficient resistance to chewing pressure and has a long usage life.
It allows small aesthetic problems to be solved within 1-2 hours without creating tissue loss in the tooth. You only need to come to our clinic in İstanbul, Turkey once.
Its application is fast and economical. In case it breaks or cracks, for whatever reason, it is very easy to repair. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Be Observed In Oral Care After The Bonding Application?
Good dental hygiene is, after a bonding treatment, important as always. You should brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes each time and floss once each day. Avoid chewing on hard foods to protect your bonded teeth. Give up any other chewing habits you might have like chewing on pencils, ice, or fingernails. To protect your teeth from staining, avoid coffee, tobacco, tea, and wine. In case of any problem, it can be easily repaired in Ekiz Dental Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey. While good oral hygiene at home can work wonders for bonded teeth, you should still visit our Ekiz Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey every six months or so for professional cleanings and dental exams.
Is It Necessary To Exchange Amalgam Fillings With Composite White Fillings?
Amalgam fillings are not aesthetic because their color is different from natural teeth. Since it does not provide smile aesthetics, amalgam fillings may be exchanged with composite white fillings. Thus, a more aesthetic smile design is obtained in the natural tooth’s color.
What Are The Prices For Bonding Applications In Turkey (Aesthetic Tooth Prices)?
Tooth bonding is a non-invasive method of repairing minor cosmetic damage to teeth. Aesthetic bonding application is much cheaper than other aesthetic treatments. At Ekiz Dental Clinic, we use teeth bonding to restore our patients’ confidence in their smiles.




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