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Gum – Pink Aesthetic Treatment & Surgery in Turkey

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Gum Aesthetics Turkey
(Pink Aesthetics)

It’s not just the right proportion of tooth tissue that matters in smile design. The gums surrounding the teeth should also be healthy and aesthetic. 

Changes in the structure and color of the gingival are called pink aesthetics. In smile design, pink aesthetics are as important as white aesthetics.


What Is The Effect Of Pink Aesthetics
On The Smile?

Pink aesthetics, gingival health, and the patient’s smile during the level of gingiva provide uniformity.

For a more aesthetic smile, the veneers made to the teeth and the gum should be harmonious. This is only possible if the gum is healthy.

Because a healthy gum firmly surrounds the tooth. A healthy gum is a pale pink colored, non-bleeding gingiva.

In Which Cases Is Pink Aesthetics
Applied In Turkey?

Pink aesthetic treatment can be applied to eliminate all kinds of problems related to gums.

Such as inflamed and swollen gums, pale or dark in color gums, in case of gingival recession, in gum growth, Gummy smile can be eliminated by applying gum aesthetic treatment.

How Is Pink Aesthetics (Gum Aesthetics)
Treatment Performed In Turkey?

In pink aesthetic treatment, first of all, what causes unhealthy gums is discovered through detailed clinical and radiographic examination performed at Ekiz Clinic. Then, a treatment plan is determined to eliminate the problem.

Treatment options at Ekiz Clinic are:

Tooth lengthening Crown lengthening Gum reshaping Vestibuloplasty Botox Gingivectomy Gingivoplasty


For Whom is Pink Aesthetic Applied

Aesthetics and health are two interrelated concepts. The health of the gums is important for an aesthetic appearance. Pink aesthetics are applied to everyone who is not satisfied with their smile and has unhealthy gums at Ekiz Dental Clinic.

What Are The Causes Of Gummy Smile?
The main reason for the gummy smile is innate features. Besides, hypermobility in the upper lip muscle, thin upper lip, and low height of teeth also can cause a Gummy smile.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile is when the gums appear more than necessary during a smile. For an aesthetic smile, the gums should not more visible.

People with gummy smiles constantly feel the need to cover their mouths with their hands while smiling. The treatment of this condition, which affects the self-confidence of the person, is available at Ekiz Clinic.

Pink Aesthetic Treatments We Apply in Turkey

To get successful and satisfactory results from pink aesthetic treatment, you will initially be examined by a specialist dentist. According to the patient’s complaints and expectations, a smile is designed in a digital environment. The points that disturb him are determined in the patient’s smile.

Accordingly, a treatment plan is prepared. At Ekiz Clinic, we apply many different treatment methods for gum problems.

Crown length extension: we apply Crown length extension treatment to people whose gum tissue appears more than 3 mm during the smile. We achieve this with Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty, Flap surgery, and Surgical extrusion.

Regenerative: Regenerative; is called a treatment procedure in which living cells are placed in the place of diseased tissues to form healthy tissues.

Gum Reshaping: The gums are shaped to the desired shape by using a laser. Using advanced laser technology, gum filling treatment is performed.

Botox is a type of treatment that eliminates the aesthetic problem caused by the gummy smile. Botox treatment is applied to the muscles that pull the lip up.

Thus, the lip is positioned more shallowly. However, botox treatment is temporary. It should be required every 6 months at Ekiz Clinic.

What Are The Things To Consider After Pink Aesthetics in Turkey?

The recovery time in pink aesthetic treatment varies between 7-10 days, according to the treatment applied. Patients should not neglect tooth brushing during this time. In the first few days after treatment, very hot and cold foods should not be consumed and hard pressure should be avoided on the treated area.

Is pink aesthetics harmful or painful in Turkey?

Pink aesthetic treatment, just like all other dental and gum treatments, does not cause any harm if it is applied by a specialist physician. Painful treatments are performed under local anesthesia.

How Much Are Pink Aesthetics Prices in Istanbul Turkey?

The treatments to be performed are determined according to the patient’s condition at Ekiz Clinic. For this reason, the price is given after a detailed examination by our specialist dentist.

Call Ekiz Clinic for information about pink aesthetic treatment and price. +90 536 066 47 47




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