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Hollywood Smile Design: Prices, Procedure in Turkey

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Hollywood Smile
Smile Makeover in Turkey

For both men and women, the concepts of Beauty and Aesthetics are often associated with a beautiful smile and a proportional face shape, and they attract the most attention. 

hollywood smile turkey

Today, the popularization of aesthetic concepts has led people to seek out various aesthetic procedures related to facial features.

At the forefront of these procedures are aesthetic dental treatments. Dental aesthetic procedures have become the most frequently requested treatments by our patients in recent years, with an increasingly important role in completing facial aesthetics, which is an indispensable component of overall aesthetics. 

hollywood estetigi

How Does The Smile Design
Treatment Process?

The smile design treatment process is tailored to the preferences of the individual and can be spread over a longer period or completed in a shorter time.
The procedures begin with informing the person about their oral structure and dental health, providing information about aspects they may or may not be aware of regarding oral and dental health.

Teeth alignment, occlusion or gum problems are examined, and based on the results, the sequence of actions to be taken is determined, as well as which treatments will be applied.

It’s essential to note that the smile design process is actually a comprehensive procedure with a team behind it. The smile design process involves a team of dental professionals, including dentists, orthodontists, and dental technicians, who work together to create a personalized treatment plan for each patient.  


After the patient’s photo shoots,
face measurements and personal expectations are evaluated,
the most appropriate, aesthetic and natural smile design is set out.


After the first step your doctor will begin preparing and filing your teeth, later on he/she will take an impression of your mouth and our laboratory will start producing your new smile design. Temporary teeth will be fitted while your teeth are being made. 


In the last stage of your treatment process, Approximately 5-7 days later you will return to the clinic for a trial fit and adjust if it necessary. The following day your dentist will fit your laminate veneers/ full veneers/zirconium porcelain crowns completing your new Ekiz Smile – Smile Design. 

Celebrities Who Have Hollywood Smile

Mauro İcardi

Miley Cyrus (Actress and Singer)

During the “Hannah Montana” days, Miley Cyrus had slightly crooked teeth that merely added to the teen singer’s charm. But she’s gotten more sophisticated and more shocking, with age, and she wanted to update her teeth to fit her new image. She had her teeth whitened and straightened after she left Disney Channel and they’ve become part of her signature tongue-out look.

Celine Dion (Singer and Businesswoman)

Songstress Celine Dion has the perfect voice of an angel, but her teeth weren’t perfect until she underwent cosmetic dentistry procedures in the 1990s, after her career began to take off. Dion’s teeth are smaller now than they were in the 1980s, and whiter, too

Holly Marie Willoughby (English television presenter, author, model)

The This Morning presenter doesn’t appear to have had much work done on her teeth however it looks very likely she’s had them subtly straightened and whitened throughout the years.
Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey (Actor and Comedian)

Jim Carrey is one of the most talented actors in the film industry. He is the funniest, and maybe you don’t even notice his teeth, but he had a smile makeover with porcelain veneers. Aesthetically his appearance improved significantly.

Tom Cruise (Actor and producer)

Tom Cruise’s teeth had a significant improvement. Tom Cruise’s career skyrocketed by his talent and his smile makeover. Maybe if he kept his original teeth, he would never be the star he is today. Tom Cruise’s teeth had an extreme makeover. Tom Cruise’s veneers and crowns look beautiful and pearly white. Tom Cruise’s smile is a clear example of a Hollywood Smile!

Hilary Duff (American actress and Singer)

When Hilary Duff was a Disney child star, she had less-than-perfect teeth, but she didn’t decide to replace them until she transitioned more to singing in 2009. She chipped her tooth on a microphone while in concert. Rather than just get the chipped tooth fixed, she decided to upgrade to a full set of veneers, and guess what? Her smile never looked better. Sometimes, genetics and the intake of antibiotics can cause stained teeth. Hillary Duff had a teeth makeover. She used to have a “yellowish” look on her teeth, and she made the right decision when she opted for a smile makeover with porcelain veneers. She looks stunning!

Kylie Jenner (American media personality, socialite, and businesswoman)

Kylie Jenner has experienced a significant transformation since she began her career. But one of the best changes she could opt for is dental veneers. She chose a white color that looks fantastic on her. She looks stunning! The porcelain veneers did an excellent look enhancement for her. There’s no denying Kylie Jenner’s smile transformation has influenced the rise of veneers.

Morgan Freeman (American actor, director, and narrator.)

Morgan Freeman is part of the list of celebs with teeth implants. Of course, we can not assure it, but because of the shape of Morgan Freeman’s teeth condition in the past, he probably had extractions on top and All-On-4, or an implant bridge on lowers, probably all crowned. It is hard to tell, maybe the top teeth are all crowned to the molars, and he has a bridge with implants in the front. He looks a decade younger than he did before seeing his cosmetic dentist, a great help in landing him different movie roles.

Nicolas Cage (American actor,and film producer)

Nicolas Cage is one of the most popular actors out there with a unique personality. Nicholas Cage’s teeth also had a significant improvement. A dental makeover for Nicholas Cage was more than necessary. He had very stained teeth, probably due to many factors, including smoking, poor hygiene, genetics, etc. He looks younger, and he also got a cleaner look. Cage got a full set of veneers, and that has done a great wonder to his smile, and of course, to his career, too. He looks fantastic with his new smile. He looks younger but also gives him a fresher look. He looks impressive with his new smile design.

All These Celebrities Are Live Examples Of How Big A Transformation Can Dental Treatment Bring About In Your Entire Look.
Porcelain veneers are quite famous and we, at Ekiz Clinic Istanbul, are committed

Hollywood Smile Cost in Turkey

Please contact us for more information on the prices of our services. Pricing may vary depending on the complexity and requirements of each service. In order to provide you with the most suitable treatment options and a pricing tailored to your needs, you can reach us by scheduling an appointment or contacting us via phone/email/whatsapp. Our experienced and expert team is here to offer you the best treatment and pricing options available.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Criteria Should Be Considered While Making Aesthetic Smile Design?

What the patient wants is very important. In interviews with him; Discussing the criteria such as the patient’s personality, social aspect, what condition he is complaining about in his smile will guide the treatment process to be planned. For this reason, the interviews with the physician and the patient; It is very important for the completion of the treatment process with satisfaction.

How Does the Smile Design Treatment Process Proceed?

The process flow is made taking into account the preferences of the person. For this reason, it can be spread over a long period or completed in a shorter time. The procedures begin with informing the person about the oral structure and dental health. Information is given about the points that the person knows or is not aware of about oral and dental health. Teeth alignment, closing problems or gum problems are examined. As a result of the examination, the order of actions to be taken is decided. It is determined which treatments will be applied.

What Should Be Considered After Smile Design?

Those who have a smile design should pay great attention to oral hygiene after the treatment and should not neglect their routine controls.

What is the Golden Ratio in Smile Design?

It is known that the concept of the golden ratio was used in the design of the Parthenon in ancient Greek architecture, in the classical drawings of Da Vinci’s human anatomy and in Beethoven’s 5th symphony.

The golden ratio in smile design is a ratio used to achieve aesthetic results, especially in smile design and restorations in the anterior region.

In Which Situations and To Whom Is It Applied?

The main purpose of aesthetic dentistry is to meet the aesthetic expectations of people. Wear and discoloration of the teeth over time is the most important problem that disturbs people. Apart from this, crowding problems and tooth loss are among the other reasons that push patients to seek aesthetic solutions.

Is a Personalized Smile Possible?

One of the most important points of aesthetic dentistry, which includes many different fields such as art, science, engineering, is to capture the harmony of natural and aesthetic smiles by calculating many different criteria such as lips, face, gender, character, skin color.

Facial aesthetic ratios are like a person’s DNA, they differ for everyone. The smile design specially made for you prevents the formation of standard teeth and allows the person to reach the most suitable design for their own characteristics. 

Will I feel pain during the procedures?

Our patients do not feel pain in aesthetic dentistry and smile design procedures. 

Will Too Much Abrasion Be Made on My Teeth?
In most of the aesthetic dentistry applications, the teeth are not abraded.With the developing latest technologies, we can provide our patients with the smile they dream of with prepless and nonprep lamina veneer treatment options, which we can apply to people without making any cuts from the teeth.
How Many Types of Smiles Are There?
Along with various variations, these 4 smile types are especially concentrated.
  1. Sexy smile,
  2. Sophisticated smile,
  3. Sporty smile(Sporty smile)
  4. Dominance smile




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