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What Is Temporary Prosthesis In Implant Treatment?

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Temporary Prosthesis In Implant Treatment

Aging, trauma, decay, bone resorption, other underlying diseases and many other reasons can cause tooth loss. Tooth loss also brings functional and aesthetic problems. Although applications such as bridges are more preferred due to their low cost, implants are the most effective and long-lasting method to complete missing teeth. Implant has a long treatment process. Because the implants must fuse to the jawbone in order for permanent prostheses to be fitted. Temporary prostheses are also used in this process.

Was ist eine temporäre Prothese bei der Implantatbehandlung?

What Are The Stages In Implant Treatment?

Implant treatment, which is an effective and permanent method for the completion of missing teeth, is a longer procedure compared to more affordable alternatives such as bridges.
The steps followed in the implant treatment process are as follows:

  • The patient is placed under local anaesthesia,
  • The jawbone is accessed surgically by making an incision on the gum,
  • A cavity is made in the jawbone into which the implant will be placed,
  • The implant made of titanium alloy is inserted into the cavity,
  • The gum is sutured and the first stage of the operation is terminated.

From this point on, the area is expected to heal and the implant is expected to fuse with the jawbone. The healing process can usually take up to 3 months and during this period, patients can be fitted with a permanent prosthesis or temporary prosthesis.

What Is Temporary Prosthesis?

After the implant is placed in the jawbone, patients continue their lives with missing teeth during the healing process. This can cause both functional and aesthetic problems. Missing teeth may cause disruptions in patients’ activities such as speaking, chewing or eating. It is also possible for patients to be psychologically worn out as an unaesthetic appearance will occur. In order to prevent both aesthetic and functional problems, prostheses placed during the healing process are called temporary prostheses or temporary prostheses. In this way, patient comfort is ensured until permanent prostheses are placed.

Another purpose of temporary prostheses is to help control the position of the implants. In other words, temporary prostheses positioned on the implant ensure that the implants are placed in the right place and in the right way.

When Are Temporary Prosthesis Inserted?

The general health status of the patients and the condition of the implant site are decisive in this regard. If there is no obstacle to this, permanent prostheses can be placed immediately after the implant application is completed. However, if there is an obstacle such as oedema or swelling, it can be placed after a few days, taking into account patient demands. The placement of temporary prostheses is not an obligation. Although this largely depends on the patient’s wishes, it is recommended to use permanent prostheses in order to manage the healing process comfortably.

How Long Are Temporary Prostheses Used?

The purpose of a temporary prosthesis is to fulfil the functional and aesthetic needs of the patient until the implants have fused to the jawbone. For this reason, the temporary prosthesis can be used until the implants are fused to the jawbone and the time is right for permanent prostheses. When the implant and the jawbone fuse and the permanent prostheses are ready, the treatment day is planned and the temporary prostheses are removed and replaced with permanent prostheses.

In addition to all these, the time frame for the use of temporary prostheses may vary depending on many factors. For example, the treatment plan managed by the doctor, the type of implant placed, the patient’s bone structure and the patient’s general health status are some of them. The choice of a specialist dentist is of great importance for patients not to have problems during the use of permanent prostheses and for the successful completion of the entire implant process!




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