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How to Travel Turkey Safely for Dental Treatment?

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Dental Treatment in Turkey

Hey there! Are you thinking of coming to Istanbul safely and easily for dental treatment?

Let us guide you before stepping outside and  meeting this magical city and its beautiful heritage. First things first, to leave the city with a big smile on your face we need to look for hints to find the best dental clinic for you!

Türkiyede Diş Tedavisi

These hints are:

Research for qualified dental clinics: Look for clinics that have positive reviews, and experienced dentists. Check if they have the necessary certifications and accreditations

  1. Consultation and treatment planning: Contact the chosen clinic and arrange a consultation. Discuss your dental needs, treatment options, and the cost involved. Ask any questions you may have to ensure clarity.
  2. Verify the dentist’s qualifications: Confirm that the dentist who will be treating you is qualified and licensed.
  3. Plan your trip: Ask the clinic if they provide accommodation and VIP transfers. If they do, ask for the hotel’s distance to the clinic and any other places like shopping malls, restaurants, historical places. You can only take your time to arrange your flight tickets.
  4. Communicate with the clinic: Maintain regular communication with the clinic to finalize treatment details, schedule your appointment. Most of the clinics will require a deposit to secure your appointment date.
  5. Take necessary documents: Carry all the required documents, including your passport, dental records, treatment plan, and any pre-existing medical history that may be relevant to your dental treatment.
  6. Insurance: Check with your insurance provider if your dental treatment in Turkey is covered. If not, consider purchasing travel insurance that covers medical expenses.
  7. Follow post-treatment instructions: After your dental treatment, follow the dentist’s instructions for post-treatment care and maintenance. Ask for any necessary medications or prescriptions.
  8. Follow-up care: Discuss any follow-up care or appointments with the dental clinic. If you have any concerns or complications after returning home, contact the clinic for guidance.

Remember, it’s essential to conduct thorough research, choose a reliable clinic, and prioritize your safety throughout the process.




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