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Which Laser Types are Used in Dental Treatments?

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Which Laser is Used in Dental Treatments?

Dental health is an important issue that affects the quality of life of people of all ages. Today, laser types in dental treatments have become one of the effective tools used by dentists with the advancement of technology.

In our blog, we will examine the most preferred laser types and their usage areas in dental treatment types.

Diş Tedavilerinde En Çok Hangi Lazer Kullanılır

In particular, you will learn how various dental problems such as teeth whitening, gum treatments, dental fillings, tooth sensitivity and root canal treatment are treated with lasers. So, which laser is most commonly used for dental treatment and whitening? Let’s learn all the details!

Which Laser is Preferred for Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening has increased in popularity as an aesthetic dental treatment. The most commonly used type of laser during this procedure is argon lasers. Argon lasers lighten the color of tooth enamel, reducing stains and yellowing, allowing patients to have whiter and brighter smiles.

How Are Lasers Used in Gum Treatments and Dental Surgery?

The most common type of laser used in gum treatments and surgical interventions are diode lasers. Diode lasers are used to treat gum problems and reshape the gum line. This technology is preferred as a dental treatment method that helps patients recover quickly with less pain and bleeding.

What is the Role of Lasers in Gum Treatment?

Lasers are used very effectively in dental filling and restoration procedures. Less invasive than traditional methods, this technology offers a less painful and comfortable experience for patients. Laser dental treatment can quickly remove tooth decay and support the preservation of the tooth’s natural structure. As a result, the treatment process is completed faster and patients experience less discomfort.

How Does Treating Tooth Sensitivity with Lasers Work?

Tooth sensitivity is a problem that causes pain when hot or cold foods are consumed. Laser technology offers an effective way to treat tooth sensitivity. Lasers reduce sensitivity by sealing the surface of the tooth. In addition, anesthesia is not needed during this procedure and dental treatment is completed quickly.

What is the Advantage of Using Lasers During Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal dental treatment is an important procedure in saving infected or damaged teeth. When lasers are used during root canal treatment, they effectively clean the infected tissue and kill bacteria. This method is less painful than traditional methods, speeds up the healing process and increases treatment success. In addition, lasers better preserve the natural structure of the tooth. This promotes healthy healing of the tooth.




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