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What is the Success Rate of Implants?

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Success Rate of Implants

Implants show high success rates and provide long-term success in many patients.

However, a number of factors can alter these rates. Depending on the surgeon performing the procedure and the patient’s health status, the success rate can be affected.

İmplantların Başarı Oranı Nedir

What is Implant Treatment?

Implant treatment is a surgical operation to treat tooth loss in people with missing teeth or complete loss of teeth. During this treatment, a titanium screw or similar implant is inserted into the jawbone. The implants form an artificial tooth root to replace a missing tooth and a porcelain or ceramic tooth restoration is made. In this procedure, materials such as crowns, bridges or dentures can usually be attached to the required area.

The correct position and depth of the implant is guaranteed by the surgeon. The body tolerates implants well because they are made of titanium or titanium alloys. The permanent tooth restoration, including crown, bridge or denture, is applied after the implants have healed. This restoration is designed and measured according to the patient’s oral structure and treatment plan.

How is Implant Treatment Applied?

The first step is an assessment of the patient’s oral structure and general health by an implant specialist or dentist. The location and number of missing teeth are investigated. If necessary, the jawbone structure is examined using X-rays, 3D imaging or digital tomography.

A treatment program is prepared to determine where the implants will be placed, which implants will be used and which restorations will be applied. Implants are a surgical procedure. Implants are usually placed using local anesthesia or sedation. Attention is paid to the points where the implants should be placed in the jawbone.

In Which Cases Should Implant Treatment be Applied?

Implants are an ideal option for treating tooth loss because tooth loss can cause both aesthetic and functional problems. For people who have lost all their teeth, an implant supported prosthesis, known as a complete denture, can be used.

This provides a stable, solid chewing surface. Implants support fixed bridges. This allows patients who have lost teeth to support fixed bridges without having to wear a temporary prosthesis to replace the missing teeth. Implants can be used to better stabilize sliding dentures, resulting in greater comfort and function.

Who are Suitable Candidates for Implants?

The general health status of people who will receive implant treatment should be suitable for implant surgery. Especially people who have chronic health problems such as diabetes and heart disease under control can be implant candidates. Oral hygiene is very important for implants to be successful.

Potential implant candidates should brush their teeth regularly, use dental floss and pay attention to the oral care recommended by their dentists. Implants can be done at any age, but usually children are not implanted because it is not appropriate to place implants before the jawbone grows.

Implant Prices

In general, the cost of implant treatment is individualized and varies depending on many factors. It is important to talk to a dentist or implant specialist and get detailed information about costs.




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