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What are the Types of Lasers in Laser Dentistry?

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Types of Lasers in Laser Dentistry

Laser types, which have a history of more than 20 years in the world used in dental problems and aesthetics, are frequently preferred in our country in recent years. Laser dentistry treatments vary according to the area treated. The duration of the procedure is planned according to the treatment process.

The discomfort, anxiety and fear caused by the vibration of the instruments used for dentistry are absent in laser treatment.

Lazer Diş Hekimliğinde Lazer Çeşitleri Nelerdir

Which Laser Types Are Used in Dentistry?

The methods used for dentistry laser treatment are quite diverse. In the treatment method that every age group can prefer, the laser type varies according to the region. The most preferred Ng: YAG, diode, erbium laser are just a few of them.

Since most of the dentists are not subjected to anesthesia, it is a very comfortable process for those who are afraid of dental treatments. There are many types of lasers used in treatments. Since the wavelength varies according to the type of lasers, the area and purpose of use varies.

Erbium Lasers and Their Uses

The frenectomy process, known as the removal of excess parts of the gum, is performed by the erbium laser. The fact that it can easily penetrate hard and soft tissue causes it to be frequently preferred in dentistry treatments. The procedures are completed without the need for anesthesia.

Diode Lasers and Their Advantages

Among dental problems, decayed, broken, crooked and long teeth that affect the appearance of the person can be corrected with diode laser. Thanks to its low tissue penetration, the procedure is completed with small interventions in the gums. The diode lamp at the end of the diode laser is used for sterilization. Care should be taken with the heat generated during its operation. Managing the treatment process with an expert laser dentistry can help you get the best results.

CO2 Lasers and Surgical Procedures

CO2 lasers, which should be performed by specialist dentistry, have a carbonization effect. Carbon dioxide lasers are generally used in surgical interventions. It performs cutting, vaporization and coagulation processes by focusing on tissues. It contributes to more effective and comfortable surgical procedures by providing minimal tissue damage, reducing bleeding and shortening recovery times.

Nd:YAG Lasers and
Periodontal Treatments

Nd:YAG laser used in gum, canal treatment and sterilization is the most commonly used laser in dental applications. It is preferred for the healing of abscesses, herpes, aphthae and infections in the teeth. It is especially used in the treatment of gum diseases. It detects and eliminates bacteria that cause infection in the mouth and gums. Thus, the process is completed without damaging other tissues. The most important advantage of Nd: YAG laser treatment is that the healing time is very short.

Diode/Pulsed Dye Lasers and
Laser Whitening

Diode/Pulsed Dye, which is among the laser types used for dentistry, is very effective in teeth whitening. Diode lasers are used to remove stains on tooth enamel with intense light energy. It does not irritate the tooth surface during the enamel whitening process and usually offers fast results. Pulsed Dye Lasers are used to control bleeding on the gums and improve gum health.




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