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Most Popular Dental Applications in 2024

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1) Smile Design

Many individuals who want to have both a natural and beautiful smile, which is among the most popular dental applications, can achieve the smile they desire with smile design applications consisting of a series of procedures. These procedures are determined by considering the oral and dental structure and demands of the patients.

For example, orthodontic treatments applied to eliminate gum diseases and implants applied to complete missing teeth are included in the scope of smile design applications. In other words, both teeth and gums can be intervened in smile design applications.

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Today’s developing health technologies make it possible for many applications to utilise digital tools. Thanks to the augmented reality technology called Augmented Reality, it has become possible for patients to see the post-application before the applications are realised. Thus, the possibility of patients experiencing dissatisfaction after the applications is eliminated.

Smile Design Applications

Smile design applications, which are among the most popular dental applications, differ from patient to patient. Problems in the oral and dental structure and patient demands determine the applications to be made. The procedures that can be applied within the scope of smile design are as follows:

  • Gingivectomy (Gum aesthetics)
  • Bleaching (Tooth whitening)
  • Implants and prosthesis,
  • Zirconium coating,
  • Porcelain coating,
  • Laminate veneer,
  • Braces
  • Invisalign transparent plate.

The duration of treatment in smile design applications depends on the number and scope of the procedures to be applied.

2) Porcelain Veneer

Porcelain veneers, which are among the most popular dental applications, are the most frequently used treatment method for the elimination of both functional and aesthetic defects. Porcelain veneers create a natural appearance as they are produced from the most suitable material for tooth colour.

The prominent advantages of porcelain veneers are as follows:

  • Porcelain, a type of glass, is resistant to stain formation,
  • It has a long life due to being a durable material,
  • It shows high resistance against impacts,
  • It fulfils functional functions such as chewing and biting like a real tooth.

Other advantages of porcelain veneers are short treatment time, high intraoral harmony and low procedure fees compared to aesthetic dental applications.

Porcelain Veneer Application Steps

The application steps of porcelain veneers, which are among the most popular dental applications, are as follows:

  • A detailed tooth cleaning is performed,
  • In order for porcelain veneers to fit perfectly on the tooth, a reduction process is performed on the tooth to be coated,
  • After the reduction process is completed, detailed measurements of the teeth are taken using special instruments and 3D imaging techniques,
  • The measurements taken for the production of porcelain veneers are sent to the laboratory,
  • Temporary veneers are placed on the patient’s teeth and the patient is allowed to continue his/her life smoothly during the one-week period when the veneers will be prepared,
  • The veneers from the laboratory are placed in the mouth using special devices and adhesives,
  • The treatment is terminated with the polishing process.

The application of porcelain veneers by specialist physicians and the correct oral and dental care practices of the patients after treatment prolong the life of porcelain veneers.

3) Invisalign Transparent Plate

Invisalign transparent aligners, which are among the most popular dental applications, are produced individually through 3D printers.

It is possible to list the prominent advantages of Invisalign transparent plate application as follows:

  • It is possible to remove when deemed necessary,
  • There is no cutting of the cheeks and lips or the formation of sores in the mouth, which may occur in wire treatment,
  • It does not cause speech impairment,
  • It does not create self-confidence problems in social life due to its aesthetic appearance.

Invisalign transparent plate treatment, which has become popular in Turkey in recent years, is successfully performed by specialists in the field.

Invisalign Transparent Plate Application Steps

The steps followed in Invisalign transparent plate application, which is performed virtually in a computer environment, are as follows:

  • All records taken from the teeth are uploaded to the system in 3D,
  • The ClinCheck procedure provides an estimate of the appearance of the teeth after treatment,
  • It is calculated how and how much the teeth should move,
  • The tooth positions are divided into movement levels of 0.2 millimetres,
  • With 3D printers, personalised plaques are produced for each step,
  • Inserts created using composite filling material in the same colour as the tooth colour are bonded on the tooth,
  • The patient is informed about the use of transparent plaques and the treatment process begins.

Transparent plaques are very difficult to recognise. 

Metal or porcelain braces are not preferable for many individuals because they create an unaesthetic appearance. In Invisalign application, transparent aligners, which are much more aesthetic, are used to eliminate distortions, defects and gaps between the teeth.




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