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Is Face Shape Important In Smile Makeover?

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Face Shape in Smile Makeover

Problems occurring in the teeth, gums or lips greatly affect the smile. In the same way, it is perceived as a problem if the lip and tooth structure is not compatible with the rest of the face.

In such cases, people do not trust their smile and may want to hide it. This can cause various social problems, including self-confidence problems.

Smile Makeover

What is Smile Make-up?

Conditions such as improper care of the teeth, trauma or aging can cause some problems in both teeth and gums. All aesthetic applications performed to get rid of these problems, to achieve the desired appearance, to have a natural and beautiful smile are called smile makeover or smile design.

Thanks to smile makeover, many procedures can be performed, including the completion of missing teeth with implant method, elimination of asymmetrical appearance of teeth, balancing of colour changes and improvement of gum diseases with orthodontic treatments.

Although the demands of the patients are the most important determining factor in smile makeover applications, it is of great importance that the specialist physician understands these demands and plans the treatment process individually to create a smile design that is compatible with facial features.

Thanks to today’s aesthetic applications, it is possible to eliminate these problems and people can have the smile they desire thanks to smile makeover applications.

What are Smile Aesthetic Applications?

The procedures to be performed within the scope of smile makeover applications are decided depending on factors such as patient expectations, age and gender of patients, problems in teeth and gums. Although the procedures are determined individually, the first stage of smile makeover applications is usually teeth whitening. Immediately afterwards, the treatment process of decayed teeth, if any, begins and the problems occurring in the gums are eliminated with orthodontic treatments.

The most common procedures performed within the scope of smile makeover applications are as follows:

  • Teeth whitening applications, also called bleaching,
  • Gum aesthetic applications, also called gingivectomy,
  • In cases where patients have missing teeth, treatment of tooth loss with implants or prostheses,
  • Zirconium coating, porcelain and laminated applications,
  • Braces treatment to correct the appearance in case of asymmetry or distortion of the teeth.

In addition to all these, orthodontic treatments can also be applied if deemed necessary by the physician. Patients taking care of their teeth and gum care after smile makeover and following the recommendations given by the physicians help smile makeover applications to become permanent.

Smile Design with Augmented Reality

There may be situations where patients are not satisfied after smile makeover. In order to prevent such situations and increase patient satisfaction, augmented reality technologies are used today. Thanks to this technology, also called Augmented Reality, patients can see the image that will occur after the operation before the operation. This completely eliminates the risk of dissatisfaction that may occur after the operation.

Patients can see how the mouth and smile structures selected from the library will look on them, as if they were in front of a mirror. In other words, thanks to these technologies developed today, on the one hand, the success rate of the applications increases, on the other hand, patients can convey their own demands to the physicians much more accurately.

Is Face Shape Important in Smile Makeover?

Face shape is considered as an important factor in smile makeover applications. Because the face shape affects the successful realisation of dental aesthetics as a design element and the proper arrangement of the teeth. In smile makeover applications, factors such as the way the teeth are arranged and tooth colour are determined according to facial features. The size, colour and shape of the teeth are decided by looking at the facial features, lip shape and facial symmetry. In this way, while meeting the expectations of the people on the one hand, an aesthetic smile compatible with the natural appearance is obtained on the other hand.

In order to achieve a successful smile aesthetics, the treatment plan must be applied individually. As a matter of fact, the face shape of each person is different from each other. In order to perform the most suitable smile makeover application for your face shape, make sure to work with an expert and experienced physician in the field!

Smile Makeover Applications
Criteria to be Considered

Consideration of a number of criteria ensures the successful realisation of smile makeover applications. These criteria are as follows:

  • Loosening of the upper lip muscles, sagging of the lower lip muscles downwards and abrasions on the teeth occur due to age. Therefore, age is decisive when deciding on smile makeover applications.
  • Gender is a determining factor since tooth structures are different in men and women.
  • Facial features and the condition of the teeth should be compatible with each other. For example, making angular teeth for a person with a round face structure does not create a natural appearance.
  • Too much or too little gums affect the smile. Therefore, gum levels should be compatible with the structure of the lips.

As long as all these criteria are taken into consideration, the success of smile makeover applications will increase.




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