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Dental Treatment Turkey: Get Affordable and High Quality

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Get Affordable And High Quality
Dental Treatment In Turkey

Ekiz Clinic a team of highly qualified dentists providing top of the line dental services for adults and children, in helping patients get the best possible treatment at the best possible price by travelling to Turkey for their dental treatment.

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Our practice pays special attention to quality, while providing patients the benefit of affordable, state-of-the-art dental services. We are determined to give you the best in dental care.

What would you think if I told you that you can both have a holiday and get dental treatment in Turkey?

Turkey has been rapidly achieving great goals worldwide in healthcare over the last 10 years. Teeth are very important structures for human existence; teeth has a very important place in our lives in terms of aesthetics, self-confidence, health, effects of social environment and taste of the mouth.

We as Ekiz Clinic, oral and dental care center take care of foreign patients from other countries in private with our precious dentists and team. We welcome patients who come from abroad with our special vehicle at the airport, arrange their accommodation and help them throughout their treatment time. Thus, they both visit our beautiful city and at the same time they are treated in the most reliable way and gain oral health.

For our patients from abroad we offer all operations and treatments are completed with specialist physician staff as soon as possible, and we send our patients to their countries with the finished treatment.

Some of the most important reasons for choosing Turkey for implant treatments are; using high quality implant products, specialist doctors and seeing the the unique beauties of Istanbul. During treatment, patients have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful historical places in the city and stay in luxury hotels. 

According to the data determined by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), Turkey is among the most preferred countries in the field of health tourism. Turkey, which is in the category of countries with many advantages together, has proven in the World to be one of the leaders in this sector, being preferred because of its geographical location, touristic activities, advanced technology in health, quality health care delivery and economical prices. 

Istanbul, the metropolis and heart of Turkey has also served as the capital of the world’s three greatest universal empires.

In addition, Istanbul was chosen as the number 1 city in Europe by the American travel magazine – Travel and Leisure – , in the “Best of the World Awards” in 2021.

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What Is Dental Holiday In Turkey?

Turkey Dental Tourism – Many dental patients from abroad very often will choose to have a dental holiday in Turkey for their dental treatment. The standards offered by us are equal, or if not better than, those available elsewhere in Europe, but are achievable at up to 70% less cost for treatment.

So, in our Turkey Dental Holiday package we can offer highly professional dental treatment at affordable prices, while our patients can benefit from a fabulous holiday.

Many of our patients from abroad choose Ekiz Dental Clinic for a dental holiday in Turkey. To ensure that the patient receives the very best treatment, our dental clinic is offers the highest standards of hygiene, applies the latest dental techniques, together with the most upto-date dental technology, to ensure that the patient receives the very best treatment. Istanbul is a central city with direct flights from many countries and cities.

It offers you more than the holiday you expect with its famous restaurants, hotels and fun nightlife. when you send us your current Smile photos including your date of birth, if possible your xray and our doctors discuss in more detail the best dental solution for you and get back to you within 24 hours after we receive your smile photos and x-ray. You will start planning your holiday from the moment you reach a consensus on dates when it is time to start your dental treatment. Then, you will fly to Turkey and taken to your clinic with VIP vehicles scheduled by the hotel.

We speak English to give you the most satisfying smile with most comfortable communicate during your consultation and treatment. 

How Does The System Work In Turkey?

There are many dental clinics in Turkey that are approved by the Ministry of Health. Since the jaw and tooth structure and general health characteristics vary depending on the person, treatment plans are made individually After contacting the clinic with the Ministry of Health approved documents, your treatment period and treatment plan are determined by specialist dentists. 

Consequently, the clinic will assign you a patient coordinator. Your coordinator will advise you when you plan your treatment, your hotel, and your flight dates.

In Ekiz Clinic, First of all, clinical and radiological examination is performed by a specialist maxillofacial surgeon. A treatment plan is prepared according to the level of your bone and the condition of your teeth. Your treatment is possible in Ekiz Clinic even if you have no teeth.




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