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Can Implants Be Used Instead Of Missing Teeth?

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What Is An Implant?

Titanium screws, which are placed in place of missing teeth and act as a tooth root, are called implants. Implant treatment, which is applied to complete the missing teeth and to enable the jaw to fulfil its functions completely, also eliminates aesthetic defects with the prosthesis process applied later.
Implant treatment is not recommended for patients who have received radiotherapy for the neck and head regions, who have not completed bone development and who smoke excessively.

İmplant Eksik Dişin Yerine Kullanılır mı

Likewise, implant treatment is risky for individuals with high blood pressure, diabetes, haemophilia and autoimmune diseases, as well as for individuals who suppress the immune system or use corticosteroid drugs.

Is Implant Used Instead Of Missing Tooth?

It is possible to replace missing teeth with implants for any reason. In other words, implants can be used instead of missing teeth. In cases where implant treatment is not applied instead of missing teeth, chewing difficulties, displacement of the teeth from the position they should be, speech disorders due to the inability of the tongue to receive the necessary support, bone loss and psychological problems may occur due to unaesthetic appearance.

Some of the advantages that patients can have when missing teeth are replaced with implants are as follows:

  • The success rate of implant treatments is 95 to 98 per cent,
  • It is difficult to distinguish from natural teeth, is comfortable to use and does not create aesthetic defects,
  • It is an application that can be used for a long life,
  • It does not require any extra care other than regular oral and dental care,
  • No intervention is required on the teeth on either side of the implant,
  • It also prevents jawbone loss while replacing tooth loss.

It should not be forgotten that implant is a surgical application. Nevertheless, although it is a long-lasting and costly procedure, it is the most effective and permanent solution that can be used to complete missing teeth

Missing teeth due to various reasons create both aesthetic and functional problems. Although treatment methods such as bridges complete missing teeth as a low-cost solution, implants offer a much longer-lasting solution.

When Is Implant Treatment Started?

Implant treatment can start immediately after tooth extraction. However, it must first be ensured that the necessary conditions for treatment are met. For this, a comprehensive dentist examination is required. If there are no problems such as oedema, inflammation or bleeding in the tooth extraction area, implant treatment can be started immediately. However, if these problems occur, it may be necessary to wait a few months for the area to heal and complications to disappear. After the implant treatment starts, it may take 3 to 6 months for the process to be completely finalised.

How Is Implant Treatment Performed?

If there is no obstacle to implant treatment in patients, the steps followed in the treatment process are as follows:

  • The patient is placed under local anaesthesia,
  • The jawbone is surgically accessed and a cavity is cut in the jawbone for the titanium screw (implant) to be inserted,
  • The implant is inserted into the cavity and the area is sutured closed,
  • From this point, the healing process, which will last between 2 and 3, begins and temporary prosthesis can be made for the comfort of the patients in this process,
  • At the end of the healing process, imaging techniques are used to ensure that the implant is fused to the jawbone,
  • The temporary prosthesis is removed and replaced with a permanent prosthesis and the treatment process is terminated.

The duration of the operation may vary depending on the number of implants and the general health status of the patient.

Things To Know About Implant Treatment

Implant, which is the most effective method of completing missing teeth, is widely preferred because it is a permanent solution despite its high costs. Important points to know about implant treatment are as follows:

  • If there is no inflammation, oedema or bleeding after tooth extraction, implant treatment can be started immediately,
  • Since the procedure is performed under anaesthesia, there is no pain or soreness, patients may feel some pain after the anaesthetic effect wears off,
  • Implants can be used for 20 to 30 years, depending on the use of the patients, the quality of the jawbone and the general state of health,
  • It is extremely rare for problems such as decay, loosening or falling out to occur in implant teeth.

If you want to complete your missing teeth with implant treatment, remember that the operation should be performed by specialised and experienced physicians since it is a surgical procedure!




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