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Bridge Or Implant? Advantages And Disadvantages

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Bridge or Implant?

Gum recession, gum disease, advancing age, decay or trauma can cause tooth loss in the mouth. Tooth loss not only creates an unaesthetic appearance, but can also cause distortion of facial and jaw anatomy and even speech or chewing disorders. The two most commonly used methods for the completion of missing teeth are bridge and implant treatments. Which of these methods will be used is decided by examining the oral and jaw structure of the patients.

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What Is a Bridge?

The bridge, which is one of the most commonly used methods in the treatment of tooth loss, also covers the teeth to the right and left of the missing tooth. After the teeth on the right and left are reduced, the missing tooth is completed with the bridge placed on it.

Before the treatment, dental x-rays of the patients are taken and information about the condition of the missing teeth and jaw structure is obtained. Then, the teeth on the right and left are filed and these teeth serve as fixation for the tooth to be placed in the gap. After the patient’s mouth and jaw measurements are taken, the bridge prosthesis is individually produced in accordance with the tooth colour and tooth structure of the patients. After the prepared bridge prosthesis is placed in the mouth, it is ensured that there is no problem and the operation is finalised.

The two most commonly used methods for the completion of missing teeth are bridge and implant treatments. Which of these methods will be used is decided by examining the oral and jaw structure of the patients.

Advantages Of Bridge Treatment

  • An aesthetic and natural appearance is created,
  • It is a reliable and risk-free method,
  • The treatment process is completed in a short time,
  • Costs are lower than implant treatment.

Disadvantages Of Bridge Treatment

  • The neighbouring teeth on the right and left must be cut or shaved,
  • If there is a crown application on the teeth on the right and left, this application should be redone after the bridge treatment,
  • Decay of the teeth under the bridge can cause problems,
  • Root canal treatment is required for nerve problems,
  • The risk of gum disease is higher than with implant treatment,
  • Compared to implants, it has a shorter life span.

What Is An Implant?

Implant is the most common method used in the treatment of missing teeth. In this method, screws made of titanium are inserted into the jawbone and a dental prosthesis is placed on it. The main advantage of this method is that neighbouring teeth are not damaged. Since the titanium screws placed in the jawbone act like a natural root, functional functions such as eating, speaking and even laughing are not affected. Since it is much more permanent than prosthesis or bridge methods, it is more preferred.In implant treatment, x-rays and measurements of the jaw bones and remaining teeth must first be taken. The two different methods used for implant treatment performed under sedation are as follows:
  • One-stage implant treatment, which is based on wearing a temporary cap after the implant is placed.
  • Two-stage implant treatment, which is based on the principle of covering the implant with gum after the implant is placed and inserting a prosthesis after the healing is completed.

    In both methods, the healing process is 6 months for the upper jaw and 3 months for the lower jaw. During these periods, a temporary bridge is applied so that patients can continue their lives.

Advantages Of Implant Treatment

  • It is effective in eliminating both aesthetic and functional problems,
  • There is no damage to the teeth on the right and left,
  • The risk of decay is extremely weak.

Disadvantages Of Implant Treatment

  • Compared to bridge treatment, it is much more costly,
  • It is of great importance to be performed correctly by specialised and experienced physicians,
  • Requires surgical intervention.

Although it is not very difficult to make a decision by looking at these advantages and disadvantages, sometimes patient preferences are not decisive. Because the mouth and jaw structure of some patients may not be suitable for implants and bridges. In such cases, the dentist’s recommendations should be heeded.

Which Treatment Method is Better: Bridge or Implant?

Both implants and bridges solve aesthetic and functional problems. However, there are some differences between these two methods. These differences can give you an idea about which method you should choose:

Implant treatment is structurally much higher quality compared to bridge treatment.
Although the bridge solves the problems functionally, it cannot move like the tooth root; in other words, the implant is closer to the real tooth.
Although both the implant and the bridge are durable, the implant is much more durable than the bridge.

Considering these differences alone, it is obvious that the implant is a much higher quality method than the bridge. Therefore, if your mouth and jaw structure is suitable and you can afford it in terms of budget, you can choose implants to complete missing teeth. Also, do not forget that both applications should be performed by specialised and experienced dentists and surgeons!




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