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At What Age is Laser Dental Treatment Suitable?

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For Which Age are Laser Dental Treatment Applications Suitable?

Many applications in the field of health have changed and developed with technology. Laser is one of the electromagnetic waves used in health. Laser dental treatments, which are frequently preferred in the world, have started to be used in our country. Interventions in hard or soft tissues have become painless thanks to laser dental treatment. No harmful rays affect the body during treatment.

Lazer Diş Tedavisi Uygulamaları Kaç Yaş için Uygun

In dental applications, laser treatment may bring prejudices in the first place. Laser beams are beams with a strong electromagnetic field. Since it does not show radioactive properties, it does not cause any negative symptoms in the body. It is among the dental treatment methods that even heart, circulation, diabetes and blood pressure patients can prefer.

Children who are in a painful process may be afraid of dental treatments as a result of their experiences. Laser dental treatment eliminates the fear factor as a result of painless, needle-free and anesthesia-free applications. Laser treatment, which can be used by all age groups in dental treatments, is frequently preferred for being painless and painless.

Laser treatment is a very comfortable procedure for those with dental fear. Even adult people have a lot of trouble with dental problems. Children are especially concerned about this issue. Caries, gum problems and fillings that occur at a young age can cause the child to panic.A

Which Age Range of Children Can Benefit From These Treatments?

Dental problems are very common in the 10-18 age group entering adolescence. This age range, which is irregularly fed, may face dental problems due to vitamin and mineral deficiency. Gums and caries are based on genetics as well as nutrition. Although this age group gives importance to appearance, they may neglect dental hygiene. Thus, tooth and gum problems may occur.

It is recommended that adolescents perform their dental care and treatment regularly. Laser dental treatment is among the methods that can be used for patients with tooth decay and gum problems. Although the working principle of different types of laser devices is basically the same, the lasers used for different procedures vary.

Laser dental treatment can be easily performed without the need for anesthesia. Today, the application, which is gradually taking its place in dental, jaw and oral surgery, brings many advantages. It is often preferred for its advantages of minimum damage and short-term recovery. The rapid healing process helps to quickly eliminate the aches and pains that may occur after treatment.

How is Laser Dental Treatment for Children in Adolescence?

With age, the body becomes more sensitive and cell renewal weakens. Dental problems are also common in elderly people who are extremely sensitive to pain. Lack of care in old age and the body’s inability to absorb vitamins and minerals in a healthy way facilitate the emergence of dental problems. Problems such as bone resorption caused by old age can also cause tooth loss.

Problems such as tooth loss, darkening of the teeth and gum recession are common in advanced ages. Laser dental treatment can be preferred for people who want to be treated with painless interventions without the need for anesthesia. Laser treatment can be used for treatments such as implant, infection, aphthous-rubella, caries, filling, whitening and dental aesthetics.

How is it Used in the Treatment of Gum Problems in Old Age?

Oral and dental problems that are postponed and ignored can lead to bigger and irreversible problems in the future.

These problems can affect the whole health status of the person as well as cause different health problems.

In Which Cases is Laser Treatment not Recommended?

Laser dental treatment can be an effective option for treating many dental problems, but it may not be recommended in some cases. First of all, laser treatment may not be suitable in children because their teeth are not fully developed. During pregnancy, it should be handled with caution due to the uncertain risks.

Individuals on photosensitizing medications may have increased skin sensitivity and therefore laser treatment may not be recommended. Laser treatment may also be risky in people with skin or tissue infections, wounds or other skin problems. Each patient is different; therefore, the decision and appropriateness of treatment should be determined by a dentist or specialist based on the individual’s unique needs and health status.




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